Finished and ongoing projects


Projects at DSME

Title Type Year Name Supervisor
Achieving Compliant Motion Control for Continuous-Contact Task with Reinforcement Learning Master thesis 2023 Aditya Pradhan Emma Cramer
Data Transfer in Robust Direct Data-Driven Control Master thesis 2023 Dmitrii Likhachev Alexander von Rohr
High-dimensional Convex Bayesian Optimization for Controller Tuning Bachelor thesis 2023 Felix Kappel Paul Brunzema
Neural Processes for Event-Triggered Learning and Control Master thesis 2023 Paul Kruse Paul Brunzema
Unsupervised State Representation Learning from Video for Reinforcement Learning Applications Master thesis 2023 Jonas Reiher Emma Cramer
Safe Bayesian optimization of quadrocopters in time-varying environments Master thesis 2023 Antonia Holzapfel Paul Brunzema
Safe Bayesian optimization for learning automotive tracking control Master thesis 2022 Johanna Menn Sebastian Trimpe
Utilization of model uncertainty for the algorithmic optimization of model-based deep reinforcement learning approaches Bachelor thesis 2022 Artur Eisele Bernd Frauenknecht
Detection and Isolation of Anomalies in Process Data Through Observer Bachelor thesis 2022 Fabian Feucht Paul Brunzema
Balancing a Two Degrees of Freedom Inverted Pendulum with a Robotic Arm Bachelor thesis 2023 Kyrylo Sovailo Alexander von Rohr & Shiming He
Cooperative Behaviors in Sequential Social Dilemmas using Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning Master thesis 2022 Julia Freytag Dominik Baumann
Kernel-based machine learning methods and modern robust model predictive control Master thesis 2022 Victoria Hankemeier Christian Fiedler
Learning the stage cost in model predictive control Master thesis 2022 Kenneth Goveas Christian Fiedler
Learning and Forgetting in Time-Varying Bayesian Optimization Master thesis 2021 Paul Brunzema Alexander von Rohr
Learning Policies on a Rotatory Pendulum Using Gradient Descent Based Bayesian Optimization Bachelor thesis 2021 Reis Baltaoğlu Alexander von Rohr
Globally Optimal Safe Robot Learning in Higher Dimensions Master thesis 2021 Bhavya Sukhija Dominik Baumann, together with Matteo Turchetta and David Lindner (both ETH Zurich)
Toward Safety Guarantees for Deep Neural Network Controllers: Stability Analysis of Reinforcement Learning Policies Master thesis 2021 Hannah Markgraf Emma Pabich and Dominik Baumann
Learning the stage cost function for model predictive control without terminal conditions Internship 2021 Kenneth Goveas Christian Fiedler

Projects with external partners

Title Type Year Name External institution DSME Supervisor
Analysis of Observation Spaces for Reinforcement Learning in Robotic Manipulation Master thesis 2023 Kartik Sachdev Siemens AG Emma Cramer
Data-Driven Process Optimization for Injection Molding Master thesis 2023 Christian Fiedler Institute for Plastics Processing, RWTH Aachen Alexander von Rohr
Benchmarking Learning-Based Control and Reinforcement Learning Master thesis 2023 Tsung Yuan Tseng TU Munich Alexander von Rohr
Learning-based approximate model predictive control Master thesis 2022 Abdullah Tokmak ETH Zurich Christian Fiedler
Curriculum Adversarial Reinforcement Learning Master thesis 2022 Maximilian Tölle Intelligent Autonomous Systems Group, TU Darmstadt Bernd Frauenknecht
Physics-informed neural network regression of a robot arm's inverse dynamics Master thesis 2022 Josefine Monnet Werkzeugmaschinenlabor WZL der RWTH Aachen Andreas René Geist
Multi-Task Active Learning for Computer Vision Master thesis 2022 Nik Dorndorf École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Alexander von Rohr
Deep Learning for Nonlinear Observer Design Master thesis 2022 Lukas Bahr MINES ParisTech Pierre-François Massiani
Data Science in press shop - Using machine learning algorithms to predict downtime Master thesis 2022 Tom Jericho Volkswagen AG Dominik Baumann
Towards Industrial Reinforcement Learning: Adapting Modular GPS to Industrial Applications Master thesis 2022 Robin Kupper AZO GmbH Osterburken Friedrich Solowjow
An approach to instance segmentation and pose estimation for automated dismantling of lithium-ion batteries for high-quality recycling Master thesis 2022 Anna-Maria Meer Institute for Business Cybernetics and Knowledge-Based Systems Group, RWTH Aachen University Alexander von Rohr
Learning Dynamics Equations of a Novel Rotational Pendulum Bachelor thesis 2021 Yannick Streicher Universität Tübingen, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Dominik Baumann
Sim-to-Real Transfer of Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents in Gearshift Optimization of Automatic Transmissions Master thesis 2021 Bernd Frauenknecht Mercedes-Benz AG Sebastian Trimpe
Event Localization with Deep-Learning-based Time Series Classification for Process Monitoring in Robotics Bachelor thesis 2021 Jonas Reiher KUKA Deutschland GmbH Alexander von Rohr
Data-enabled Predictive Control of Robotic Systems Master thesis 2021 Felix Wegner ETH Zürich Sebastian Trimpe
Reinforcement Learning for Wendelstein 7-X Divertor heat load control Master thesis 2021 Timo Thun Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics Sebastian Trimpe
Data-driven State Estimator for Quadrupedal Robot ANYmal Master thesis 2021 Qingxu Zhu ETH Zürich Sebastian Trimpe