Scaling Beyond Bandwidth Limitations: Wireless Control With Stability Guarantees Under Overload



Fabian Mager, Dominik Baumann, Carsten Herrmann, Sebastian Trimpe, Marco Zimmerling

  Wireless Testaufbau Urheberrecht: © Dominik Baumann


An important class of cyber-physical systems relies on multiple agents that jointly perform a task by coordinating their actions over a wireless network. Examples include self-driving cars in intelligent transportation and production robots in smart manufacturing. However, the scalability of existing control-over-wireless solutions is limited as they cannot resolve overload situations in which the communication demand exceeds the available bandwidth. This paper presents a novel co-design of distributed control and wireless communication that overcomes this limitation by dynamically allocating the available bandwidth to agents with the greatest need to communicate. Experiments on a real cyber-physical testbed with 20 agents, each consisting of a wireless node and a cart-pole system, demonstrate that our solution achieves significantly better control performance under overload than the state of the art. We further prove that our co-design guarantees closed-loop stability for physical systems with stochastic linear time-invariant dynamics.

Published in the ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems.



ACM Transactions on Cyber-Physical Systems