Four invited sessions on Learning-based Control at top control conference


Together with three colleagues, Prof. Sebastian Trimpe has co-organized four invited sessions on the research topic of "Learning-based Control" at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC) to be held December 14 to 18, 2020 as a virtual conference. CDC is recognized as the top international conference on automatic control. In four sessions, scientists from top international universities and research labs will be presenting their latest research at the intersection of machine learning and automatic control.

Learning-based Control has become the "hot topic" at CDC

Because of the relevance of data-based techniques and machine learning in the area of automatic control, Prof. Trimpe had initiated and co-organized the first edition of invited sessions on "Learning-based Control" at CDC already in 2016. Starting with a single session in 2016, the sessions have been held every year and become increasingly popular at the conference. Last year, there were three sessions that span an entire conference day. The sessions were among the most popular of the entire conference with participants lining up in front of the conference rooms to listen to the talks. At this year's CDC, there will be even four sessions with a total of 24 presentations from top research labs around the world.

Find information on this year's sessions in conference technical program (look for sessions Learning-based Control I to IV on Tuesday to Friday).

Information on the sessions of previous years is summarized at Invited Session Series on Learning-based Control.