Start of summer term with new classes at DSME


DSME starts two new classes in the summer semester 2021. Prof. Trimpe has taken over the lecture Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering 1, which is offered in Bachelor programs for more than 1500 registered students. A new seminar at DSME introduces Master students to topics in Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

  Webinar Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering 1 Copyright: © DSME

Starting from this semester, the class Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering 1 will be taught by Prof. Trimpe and DSME. We have taken over the responsibility for teaching this compulsory Bachelor’s course from the Institute of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (IMA). During the present semester, IMA will still support DSME with the organization of this class to ensure a smooth transition. The main objectives of the class are to teach object-oriented programming, software engineering, and to introduce students to artificial intelligence and data science. The lecture is held once a week as a live Zoom webinar. Through an online Q&A tool, the more than 1500 registered students are able to actively participate during the online lecture.

We also offer a new Master-level seminar on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics for students in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science programs. The seminar is organized by Dr. Baumann and Prof. Trimpe and provides an introduction to the ethical considerations and societal impact of robotics and artificial intelligence.

We look forward to an exciting online semester!