Abdullah Tokmak receives Friedrich-Wilhelm Award for outstanding Master thesis

  Abdullah Tokmak receives Award Copyright: © RWTH Aachen University/Andreas Schmitter

Abdullah Tokmak has received the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Award for his outstanding Master thesis. He wrote his Master thesis at the Institute for Data Science in Mechanical Engineering (DSME) of RWTH Aachen University and the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC) of ETH Zürich, where he conducted an external research stay supported by the IDEA League program. From the DSME side, he was supervised by Christian Fiedler and Prof. Sebatian Trimpe, and from the IDSC side by Dr. Johannes Köhler and Prof. Melanie Zeilinger. The goal the Master thesis was the automated approximation of a nonlinear model predictive controller preserving control-theoretic guarantees, which enables the usage of the approximate controller in safety-critical environments.

Abdullah Tokmak is now a doctoral researcher at Aalto University in Finland, where he is supervised by Prof. Dominik Baumann (Aalto University, former PostDoc at DSME) and Prof. Thomas Schön (Uppsala University, Sweden).

The Friedrich-Wilhelm Award is awarded annually in the form of prize money to students and young scientists at RWTH Aachen University who have been selected on the basis of their outstanding achievements in Master's theses, dissertations and postdoctoral theses.