Research Overview

Research at DSME focuses on fundamental questions at the intersection of data science and engineering, as well as innovative applications. We develop general methods and algorithms...


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We publish our research results at top conferences and journals in control, AI, robotics, and cyber-physical systems. Please find our publications here.

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Research Infrastructure

To support our research in data science and engineering, we have excellent computer and laboratory equipment. Please find more information here.

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Below is a sample of ongoing research projects at DSME with corresponding researchers and contacts. The list is continuously updated and extended. If you have any question about our research, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Controller Learning using Bayesian Optimization

Autonomous systems such as humanoid robots are characterized by a multitude of feedback control loops operating at different hierarchical levels and time-scales....

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Wireless Control for Cyber-physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) tightly integrate physical processes with computing and communication. Through this tight integration, CPS enable emerging applications such as...

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Event-triggered Learning

The ability to learn is an essential aspect of future intelligent systems that are facing uncertain environments. However, the process of learning a new model or behavior often...

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Learning Resource-aware Control

In modern engineering systems, such as fleets of autonomous vehicles or mobile robots, we are often dealing with high-dimensional systems with complex dynamics. At the same time...

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Learning Safety Constraints and Safe Learning

A toy model with a 2-dimensional state-action space © Copyright: Proceedings of Machine Learning Research

To learn control directly on robot hardware, it is important to encode safety constraints into the learning behavior.
Although failures are often easy to classify failure...


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Actively Learning Gaussian Process Dynamics

With the rising complexity of dynamical systems generating ever more data, learning dynamics models appears as a promising alternative to physics-based modeling. F or high dimensional systems...

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Further Projects

As we are in the process of building up the new institute DSME, we are continuously updating and adding projects. In addition to the mentioned projects, we have ongoing or just starting projects on:

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