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If you are interested in a student project at DSME, please carefully read the information on this page.

For general inquiries about student projects, please contact us at



We are continuously looking for excellent and highly motivated students interested in writing their thesis or doing a student project at our institute. For this, please take a look at our list of open projects. If our currently offered projects do not match your interests, you are welcome to apply with your own suggestions or send us your unsolicited application to . We also often have projects available that are not yet posted on the webpage. As a source of information and to get ideas for possible projects, we encourage you to take a look at our current research projects as well as finished and ongoing student projects.

Applying for a student project

When applying for a student project at DSME, please include your CV, your current grade transcript, and a short motivation statement that explains in what project you are interested in and why. Additionally, you are welcome to add other documentation helpful to evaluate your background.

If you are applying for a particular opening or if you are interested in a specific research project, please apply with the mentioned contact.

Please send unsolicited applications to

Students from RWTH

We welcome applications by excellent and qualified students from all faculties at RWTH. Prof. Trimpe has affiliations with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Faculty 4) and with the Department of Computer Science (Faculty 1); thus, all projects at DSME are open to study programs from these faculties. If permitted by your study program, we also welcome students from other faculties interested in and qualified for the research topics at DSME, possibly in collaboration with other members of other faculties. Please get in touch to discuss your case.

Visiting students

We are regularly hosting international students, or students from other universities in Germany, to do their thesis project at DSME. We welcome applications by outstanding students from any university or institution. While we cannot provide funding for such student projects, we are happy to support outstanding applicants who want to apply for stipends, etc. to support a stay with us. Please note that we cannot provide funded summer internships.

External and collaborative projects

DSME has many collaborations with other institutes at RWTH, universities, research institutions, and industry. We regularly support students from RWTH who want to do their project at an external institution or with an industry partner that we collaborate with. However, such projects require some preparation and prior agreements between DSME, the student, and the partners. If you consider a collaboration project between DSME and an internal (RWTH) or external partner, please pay attention to the following guidelines.

All thesis topics where Prof. Trimpe is the main advisor and examiner will be issued by DSME. This means, in particular, that “external” projects can only be supervised by Prof. Trimpe if there is some form of cooperation and prior agreement with DSME. In particular, the following requirements need to be fulfilled so that we can consider supervising a collaborative student project:

  • The topic of the project is in the research interest of DSME, and we have the competence to supervise and grade the project properly.

  • The project topic and scope has been agreed prior to project start with DSME.

  • The project needs to have a clear scientific orientation. Publication of the results must be possible if the project leads to such results (involving the student and all contributing partners as co-authors appropriately).

  • Results of the project are open to be presented at student and group meetings at DSME.

  • There is a researcher at DSME who will co-supervise the project.

According to these rules, we will not supervise external projects and Prof. Trimpe will not act as the main examiner, where we have not been involved in the project setup in advance of the project start.

Please send inquiries about collaborative projects to

Internship Presentations

Students of faculty 4 may give their internship presentations at DSME. Please send an inquiry including the company or institution you did your internship with and your topic to at least one month in advance of your planned presentation date. Your talk will consist of an eight-minute presentation followed by a seven-minute Q&A session.

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