Teaching Overview

  Professor Trimpe in front of a whiteboard Copyright: © Wolfram Scheible / MPI-IS

As in our research, our teaching bridges computer science and engineering. In our introductory classes, we teach the fundamentals of computer science and data science with a special emphasis on the problems and use cases that arise in engineering. In specialized courses, such as the seminar on Leaming-based Control, students are introduced to cutting-edge methods and interdisciplinary approaches that directly link to the research activities at the DSME.

Our classes cover fundamental concepts, theory, and methods, as well as hands-on tools. Please check out these pages to learn more about currently offered courses and projects. As the DSME is a new institute, we are in the process of building up our teaching portfolio and further developing our classes. Additional lectures and courses on the topics of data science, machine learning, and control will be added in the coming semesters.