Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering


The Computer Science in Mechanical Engineering course teaches essential fundamentals of computer science with particular emphasis on skills relevant to solving engineering problems.

Course Description

The thematic focus of the course is on learning the basics of programming and the modern programming language Python. Furthermore, insights into essential areas of computer science such as software engineering, algorithms and data structures, and artificial intelligence (AI) are given. The lecture is accompanied by exercises, as well as programming projects.



  • Cycle: Summer semester
  • Assessment: Dynexite exam, 120 minutes
  • Credits: 5 CP
  • Language: German

Class Outline

  • Basics of programming (Python)
  • Object-oriented programming (Python)
  • Computer architecture
  • Techniques of Software Engineering
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Introduction to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Lectures and Exercises

The lecture will be held as a hybrid course this semester. You can attend the lecture in lecture hall H01 of the lecture hall building C.A.R.L. and via Zoom. By using the online tool, attending the lecture via Zoom is qualitatively equivalent to attending in the lecture hall.

Further information about the course can be found in RWTHonline. Course materials for the lecture and exercise can be downloaded from the RWTHmoodle learning room.

Consultation Hours

We offer four two-hour consultation hours with student tutors every week until the exam. You can also ask questions about the course in the forums of RWTHmoodle. More information can be found in the corresponding RWTHmoodle course room. If your question does not fit into one of the forums of RWTHmoodle, you can contact us by mail via . Consultation appointments with Prof. Trimpe are also offered on request at .