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With over 300 workstations, the Zuselab is one of the largest computer pools in Europe.

We provide the required technology and conditions for computer-based courses of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, university-wide e-examinations (also available on demand) and practical courses in a modern lecture hall building. The ZuseLab computer pool is operated by the Institute for Data Science in Mechanical Engineering (DSME) on behalf of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Named after Konrad Ernst Otto Zuse, the inventor of the first fully automatic, program-controlled and freely programmable calculator working in binary floating point calculation.

Long unrecognized and almost forgotten, Konrad Zuse is now considered a pioneer of computer technology. His computer, the Z3, presented in 1941, was the first fully functional programmable computer. It contained the basic technology of today's processors. Even the smallest laptop often contains a Zuse basic structure of binary numbers, arithmetic, memory and programs.

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