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How to Book an Exam

Room Requests for Electronic Examinations

The planning of the exams during the semester break is handled solely via carpe diem.

New Appointments for Electronic Examinations

If you intend to take an e-exam, please contact Medien für die Lehre (Alain Couderc - MfL) first and inform them about your plans. They will provide you with all relevant information on this examination format.

Afterwards, please contact the carpe diem team with all desired dates for e-examinations. There, all relevant data will be received and taken into account in the exam planning. After successful calculation of the exam phase and checking of the dates by the exam planners, the dates are transferred to RWTHonline.

Change of Date

For all change requests regarding e-examinations, please contact the carpe diem team during the scheduling phase (before transfer to RWTHonline). After the transfer to RWTHonline, the person in charge of the exam must make the changes on their own. If they are changed within ZuseLab, the change is only permanently entered after our confirmation.

Please also note that e-examinations cannot be held during the lecture period for organizational reasons, or in individual cases must be checked with Medien für die Lehre (MfL)