DSME at RWTH AI Week 2023

  AI Week Family Day at DSME Urheberrecht: © DSME

A big highlight of the RWTH AI Week 2023 (25.09.2023 - 29.09.2023) happened at the end of the week: Friday was Family Day (see picture). The Institute for Data Science in Mechanical Engineering (DSME) welcomed individuals of all ages and backgrounds, whether with or without prior knowledge of AI, into the DSME research lab. Here, researchers showcased their work in AI and its application to physical systems. This included two live demonstrations in the institute's quadrocopter testbed; the first focused on planning for multi-agent systems with limited computational resources (see picture), and the second on safe online learning. In addition, the WheelBot and its further developments were presented, as well as ongoing research on detecting atrial fibrillation from data.

Prof. Sebastian Trimpe and his colleagues from the Board of Directors of the RWTH AI Center opened the AI Week with a big ceremony in the Aachen City Hall on Monday. The ceremony ended with a surprise quadrocopter show (full video below) on the Katschhof, near Aachen cathedral. In addition, some of DSME’s latest research on “Safe Learning” was presented during the Scientific Talks on Wednesday and Thursday. These are just some of the events during the RWTH AI Week 2023, where members of DSME participated before and behind the scenes. We were very happy to see that many people attended the AI Week and were interested in AI research at RWTH.

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