Recent Publications

  Publication Date
Learning Fast and Precise Pixel-to-Torque Control

Steffen Bleher, Steve Heim, Sebastian Trimpe

Local policy search with Bayesian optimization

Sarah Müller, Alexander von Rohr, Sebastian Trimpe

Scaling Beyond Bandwidth Limitations: Wireless Control With Stability Guarantees Under Overload

Fabian Mager, Dominik Baumann, Carsten Herrmann, Sebastian Trimpe, Marco Zimmerling

Using Physics Knowledge for Learning Rigid-body Forward Dynamics with Gaussian Process Force Priors

Lucas Rath, Andreas René Geist and Sebastian Trimpe

Task space adaptation via the learning of gait controllers of magnetic soft millirobots

Sinan O. Demir, Utku Culha, Alp C. Karacakol, Abdon Pena-Francesch, Sebastian Trimpe and Metin Sitti